Regular trips to your dentist are the number one key to better oral health, but some people don’t seem to grasp their importance. Whatever the reason is, you’re not alone – many of us make skipping dental visits practically a habit. But really, why do people avoid dental visits? The answers to this age-old question include the following:

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One of the major factors that discourage people to visit the dentist or even getting the treatment they badly need is the high cost of dental work.

Most people whose cost is the main concern don’t have an insurance plan.

But the truth is, if you take good care of your teeth and you try to invest on preventive treatment, yearly dental visits won’t actually cost a lot of money. Keep your mouth healthy by improving your oral hygiene. Aside from brushing, incorporate in your routine flossing and using an alcohol-free mouth rinse with therapeutic benefits.

Dental Fear and Anxiety

Another very common reason for skipping dental appointments is the fear of the dentist or the misconception that the treatment is going to be a dreadful procedure involving a scary dental instrument. Nonetheless, there are lots of things you can do to address this, and one effective way is to talk to your fears. As with lots of things, communication is the key. You may also consider listening to a soothing, relaxing music while undergoing treatment.

Oral Health Neglect

Some skip their appointments, not because of fear of the dentist or dental instruments; rather, they don’t want to hear the dental problems they’ve acquired and be lectured about it.

But then again, who wants to be lectured (or worse – reprimanded)? To prevent this pervasive thought, just think instead that your dentist is not reprimanding you, but just giving a reminder that you should not neglect your oral health because there are consequences for it.

Bad Memories

Unpleasant past experiences instill fear that can actually last for many years. Even the gentlest hands and most advanced techniques won’t be able to erase bad memories of past dental visits.
But the good thing is, most clinics now are offering music, videos, and other forms of entertainment (especially for kids) that can help ease your worries and make the experience much more pleasant.

Too Busy… or Just Plain Lazy

Sometimes, there’s too much going on in our life that we forget about dental visits. Most of us, however, are just too lazy to make an effort. Regardless, you should know that we are creatures of habit, so incorporating dental visits in your routine is a must if you want it to be among the things that you have to get around doing. Once you skip a visit or two, then it will be out of your routine already.

Whatever reasons you have, the best way to address avoidance is to voice out your concerns to your dentist. Let them know so they can have the opportunity to explain, reassure, and lead you back on the right path to good oral health.