A mouthguard’s sole purpose is to protect your teeth. However, if it protects your teeth but misaligns your jaw, is it really helping you? That’s one of the major differences between a store-bought and a laboratory-designed mouth guard. Laboratory-designed mouthguards not only protect your teeth but they protect your jaw, too.

At Irresistible Smiles in Chula Vista and San Diego, we care about your smile on a holistic level. We want to protect both your teeth and jaw while you’re playing sports.

A boxer shows off his mouthguard during a break from working out. A mouthguard’s sole purpose is to protect your teeth and help misalign your jaw.

Store-Bought Mouth Guards

I’m sure you remember your early sporting days. Anxious to get on the field, you would go out to the nearest sports store and purchase a mouth guard that looked decent. When you got home, you would boil it then shape it to your mouth. Half the time, you burned your gums. The other half, the mouth guard was too cold to shape.

When you finally shaped it properly, large pieces of plastic hung down your throat. Instead of gagging during the big game, you would cut half of the plastic off the mouthguard. If somehow, you managed this process without struggle, you still hated wearing your mouthguard. Every spare moment, you would chew on your mouthguard, decreasing its effectiveness and damaging your teeth. You may have opted for holding your mouthguard in your hand instead, increasing your risk of gum disease from bacteria.

How Do MonsterGuard Mouthguards Differ From Other Mouthguards?

MonsterGuard protects your teeth and your jaw, giving your entire mouth protection. Made from thick material and professionally-fitted, MonsterGuard helps to prevent injury while allowing you to move freely. Using advanced dental software and the highest neuromuscular dentistry available, the custom-fit mouthguard aligns perfectly with your face so your muscles relax.

Your jaw links to your vertebral column which, in turn, connects to the body parts you need to function naturally during sports competitions. With the laboratory-manufactured MonsterGuard, you’ll move freely with your mouthguard in place. Only the MonsterGuard mouthguard gives you the strength, flexibility, balance, range of motion, and endurance to put your best foot forward.

Dr. Safarian is your smile-designing expert in the San Diego area. Ensuring a good fit to keep your smile aligned properly is his goal. Our cosmetic dentistry practice cares deeply about both your teeth and your jaw alignment, ensuring a great smile.

We specifically design MonsterGuard mouthguards for athletes, with a 293% bigger breathing hole than any other mouthguard. When you come to Irresistible Smiles, we create a custom fit for your mouthguard. Your mouthguard provides ultimate comfort for any smile, including smiles with braces.

Is MonsterGuard Right For You?

If you’re considering MonsterGuard, stop by our offices for a free consultation. Give us a call in Chula Vista at (619) 656-6785.