Gum Lift Surgery By Laser Therapy

Nobody likes to flaunt a smile that displays more gums than required. Short, small or stubby teeth don’t look pretty. Just a cleanup is not enough, to get those beautifully lined teeth you have to clear out extra gum tissues. Peers or colleagues often tease you if your smile looks bad. There was a time when going to the dentist was considered to be “scary”. However, Dr. Shahin Safarian is a specialist in giving irresistible smiles to his clients. Dr. Safarian has been able to provide perfect smiles to his clients due to gum lift surgery using laser therapy.

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Although, the surgery may sound a bit scary to you, laser therapy is extremely quick. It will give you that dream smile within no time and without causing much pain. You can take a look at the gum lift surgery that we offer at Lovebites San Diego and check it out yourself.

Why Should You Go For Gum Lift Surgery?

A cosmetic surgery done to enhance your smile by removing extra gum tissue surrounding the teeth is known as gum lift surgery. As a result, you get properly organized teeth with very little gum tissue. San Diego dentist Dr. Safarian carries out the surgery in an extremely easy and almost painless manner as he makes use of a special dental laser. This procedure is not at all troublesome and you can start going out within just a few days post-surgery. At Lovebites San Diego we offer a special laser therapy treatment for gum lift surgery, so that the gum tissue is removed with precision. You are also able to do away with gum diseases due to the laser therapy offered by us. For the purpose of reshaping your gums and providing comfort, Dr. Safarian uses an anesthetic.

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Post Surgery Care

To be very honest, the laser therapy technique used by Dr. Safarian at Lovebites San Diego is the most convenient method of gum lift surgery. Your gums will quickly recover within just 3 days and within a few weeks you will be ready to flash your awesome smile. Dr. Shahin Safarian will also suggest you a pain reliever for your gums. It is recommended to eat cold and soft food items for a few days post-surgery. Eating hard and crunchy food should be avoided as these types of foods tend to get stuck in your gums. They irritate your gums and can cause infection to them.

The Advantages of Gum Lift Surgery by Laser Therapy

Smile is your biggest asset. A beautiful smile can win hearts but a gummy smile can be a big turn off. Therefore, doing a gum lift surgery is just what you need. However, experienced dentist Dr. Safarian believes that surgery should be less painful and easy to recover so he prefers the laser therapy. Let’s know some advantages of doing gum-lift surgery by laser therapy. Boosted Self-Confidence: You deserve to smile freely. A gum lift can you give the confidence to smile the way you want without covering your mouth. In fact, it will win you compliments. Lifelong Results: Get an irresistible smile all your life. This surgery is permanent. So, no need to do anything else to improve your smile. Beautiful teeth: Your days of worrying about the alignment and shape of your teeth will get over. Our surgery ensures perfect looking teeth for a perfect smile. So, what are you waiting for? Call Lovebites San Diego today to schedule your smile consultation.

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