Dentists want to make you happy. No matter what, most dentists have the ultimate goal of changing your life for the better. Whether that means helping you relax at the dentist’s office or talking you through dental anxieties, your dentist will do what he can.

When you visit us at Irresistible Smiles in Chula Vista, we care about your comfortability and happiness. Tell us about any of your special needs and we’ll be sure to comply with them. So talk to your dentist–you might even learn some interesting facts about him!

man sitting in dental chair, scared for his treatment

Your Dentist is Here to Help You

Dr. Shahin Safarian gives back to the dentistry field while he practices his work. He has set industry standards with his dental research and spreads the word through national and international lectures. Because of this, our office is a leader in advanced dental technology and treatment methods.

However, you will get to know Dr. Safarian for more than his intellect and renowned research.  His patients know him for his kindness, patience, and dedication to each and every one of them. When you visit Irresistible Smiles, you’ll get the best dental experience, technology, and treatment possible.

Meet Dr. Safarian

Crazy enough, before he went to dental school, Dr. Safarian was a professional soccer player. Yes, you heard that right. The guy who cleans your teeth every six months has some serious moves on the soccer field! Next time you visit us, ask him about his time with Puebla F.C.A. and the San Diego Sockers.

After playing soccer, Dr. Safarian went to Tufts University for his dental degree. Since his graduation, he continues his education by averaging about 150 hours of study time each year in areas such as TMJ, dental implants, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. In other words, your dentist in Chula Vista and San Diego is different from other dentists because he values education very highly. When you visit Irresistible Smiles, we will provide the most advanced treatments with the newest technology.

Your Cosmetic Dentist in the San Diego Area

Your dentist plays a big role in your smile, facial comfort, and confidence. He will help you maintain your oral health while staying calm and positive at the dentist’s office. That’s why it’s up to you to choose the best dentist for your family.

If you need a dentist who you can trust, schedule an appointment with Dr. Safarian. He is friendly, patient, and knows the most advanced dental procedures. We ensure you that your visit will be as comfortable and easy as possible. Schedule an appointment with Irresistible Smiles online or call us in Chula Vista at (619) 656-6785.