Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Dental procedures can get costly. And even people who have dental insurance may still be heavily burdened by dental costs because they do not know how to make the most out of their coverage. Some people have resorted to jeopardizing the quality of the dental services they get just to save up on the costs. You don’t have to be one of them. Come to Irresistible Smiles to get the dental care services that are high on quality but light on the budget!

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Dental Insurance Coverage

Lovebites Dental San Diego accepts all PPO plans, DeltaCare, and Aetna. If you’re unsure whether or not your provider is covered, give Irresistible Smiles a call or bring your insurance card when you visit our office.

Lovebites Dental San Diego will go the extra mile for your convenience. We will not only let you know which services are covered by your dental insurance; we will also prepare a comprehensive estimate of how much the services will cost you outside of your coverage. This way, you can prepare for the figures that will appear on your bill even before you go ahead with the procedure.

Medi-Cal Coverage

Lovebites Dental San Diego is now proud to accept Medi-Cal coverage. Medi-Cal includes preventive dentistry such as dental cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and more.

Complete Transparency and a Range of Financing Options

Being kept in the dark is one of the scariest things about getting procedures. Not knowing what treatments and medications you’re getting or how much it would cost you can cause you undue distress. This is why we at Irresistible Smiles are completely committed to being transparent to you about everything. We will let you know about the exact procedure you’re getting, what your alternate options are, what medication we are going to administer and give you a breakdown of fees for the procedure/s. To make it even more convenient for you, we can arrange payment and billing options so your dental health is never a financial burden to you. Lovebites Dental San Diego is one of the only San Diego dental clinics that cares about you and your financial worries and will go to lengths to ensure your comfort and convenience.

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