We are often conditioned to believe that in almost everything, cheaper is better. In truth, all things being equal, this is right.

However, in dentistry, as in most things, all things are rarely equal. Cheap dentistry is usually a poor choice. Quality dentistry, although initially slightly more expensive, ends up giving you better results, and is likely cheaper in the long run.

Here are some of the benefits of quality dentistry that make it a better choice. 

Personal Attention

One of the things you pay for with quality dentistry is the office’s time. With cheap dentistry, an office is trying to churn as many patients through as possible, which means you get little time from anyone, especially the dentist.

This makes it hard to get your questions answered, and hard to address any concerns you might have. It also makes mistakes more likely.

When you pay for quality dental care, you actually get dental care from everyone. Personal attention helps you feel comfortable and welcome. You can bring up questions and concerns, and know that you’re more than just a number on a chart–you’re a real patient who gets personal care.

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If people don’t have time to listen to your concerns, they have even less time to address them. Churning through as many patients as possible means that everyone gets the same dentistry. Standard assembly-line processes help keep costs down so a dental practice can offer cheap dentistry.

A dedicated dentist designs quality dental care specifically for you. It’s customized to your needs and your functional and cosmetic dentistry goals. With quality dentistry, you have the time to ask for special solutions to your dental concerns, and your dentist will take time to design a solution just for you.


Many dentists consider the appearance of your smile to be a secondary concern, even though an attractive smile is one of the vital functions of your teeth. Cheap materials often look fake and unattractive. In this type of practice, an attractive appearance is an extra feature that you have to be billed for separately. Assuming that the dentist is capable of providing an attractive appearance, which might be outside the scope of their dental talents.

Quality dentistry incorporates appearance from the beginning. Using quality materials, your dentist will design a smile that is both attractive and functional, made with high-quality materials that look natural.


Cheap materials are not generally very durable. They won’t last very long, which has the benefit for a cheap dentistry practice that it generates more business as people are constantly coming in for repairs and replacement of old dental work.

Quality dentistry uses materials that are capable of lasting a long time. And by taking the time to ensure the proper fit and function of restorations, a good dentist can get the most out of these materials by creating a blanched bite that encourages healthy biting and chewing without wearing out or breaking restorations prematurely.

Comfortable and Functional Bite

At some dental practices, dentists pay only minimal attention to the comfort and function of your teeth. A simple tap, tap, tap on the bite paper is all the test of the function and bite that you’ll get from these practices.

Quality dentistry includes a thorough analysis of your bite. This helps identify if you have issues like temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). TMJ can lead to symptoms like headaches and ear problems. Plus, an imbalanced bite may damage your dental restorations. A quality dentist will take enough time to evaluate your bite and recommend a dental procedure that either maintains or restores your bite. This helps you chew effectively and enjoy a longer life from your dental restorations.

Holistic Dentistry Options

Dentists trying to move as many patients as quickly as possible through their office don’t look beyond your teeth. They just don’t have the time, energy, or training to help you understand how your dentistry choices can contribute to poor overall health.

At a quality dental office, we make sure we are looking at your oral health and overall health together. We know how your choices today could potentially contribute to poor health and more dental problems in the future. To help foster good oral and overall health, Irresistible Smiles offers holistic dentistry options.

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