You know that a dentist can clean your teeth, recommend orthodontia, whiten your smile and fix problems with your teeth (like cavities or cracked teeth). What you may not know is all the other procedures and recommendations that they can make on behalf of your oral health. 

A young football playing putting a mouthguard in, ready for the game! These professional mouth guards not only protect your teeth, they can improve your performance.

Your Snoring

Chances are your roommate, partner or family have commented on how loud your snoring is, or how sporadic your breathing is at night. Not only is this a concern for the sleeping habits of those around you, but it is also a huge health risk to you. 

It’s also more common than you think. In fact, millions of Americans that are affected by sleep apnea experience interrupted or shallow breathing episodes (lasting about 10 to 60 seconds per episode) regularly during sleep. Some people experience hundreds of these episodes every night. But how can a dentist help?

A dentists can order a sleep test and also get you the treatment you deserve. Whether it’s recommending a OAT(oral appliance therapy) to help position your jaw properly, or, in the most extreme cases, performing surgery to correct the dangerous disorder, a dentist can help. 

Your Game

You probably know that dentists make mouth guards to protect your teeth. When you work with a dental expert, not only will you be able to keep your smile as long as possible, but you will also be able to have a custom fit for the highest levels of protection. What’s so surprising about that? These professional mouth guards not only protect your teeth, they can improve your performance.

A MonsterGuard is a dental mouth guard designed with regards to the latest in neuromuscular dentistry. This cutting-edge technology will keep your smile as pristine as possible for as long as possible. The reason Dr. Safarian and the team at Irresistible Smiles recommends MonsterGuard is because it provides a 293% bigger breathing hole than standard mouth guards.

Your Headaches

 You might be thinking that only a neurologist can treat your headaches, but you’d be wrong. Many people get headache because of temporomandibular joint disorders (called TMJ or TMD). TMJ is particularly linked to migraines, but they can also be associated with tension headaches and other forms.

Properly trained dentists know how to balance your jaw to reduce the pressures that trigger your headaches. You can experience a reduction in headaches as well as in the intensity of your headaches. You’ll also see improvement in other related symptoms like jaw pain, ringing in the ears, vertigo, and jaw popping or clicking.

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